What Does It Mean To Be A 2019
Kimoyo Partner Company?



If your company is...

  • Based in Lagos, Nigeria*

  • Focused in the technology industry

  • Facing a business and/ or personnel challenge that could benefit from collaboration with senior industry leaders from Silicon Valley

Then the Kimoyo Fellowship may be right for you!

For four months, fellows will collaborate with partner companies on a project-specific basis as virtual consultants and peer mentors for the employees on your team. This cohort of fellows will have expertise in Product Management, Engineering, Venture Capital, UI/UX Design, Business Development, Marketing, and Human Resources & Talent.

Collaboration will happen primarily virtually over the course of the program, with fellows traveling to Lagos for two weeks for in-person working sessions and relationship strengthening. After the development of recommendations and plans with the fellows, your company will be responsible for execution and implementation. 

Please note that there will be a program fee for companies to participate, which will cover the expenses required to facilitate this exchange program with the fellows. 


*While our 2019 Fellowship will solely partner with companies in Lagos, Nigeria – future cohorts will expand to other cities/countries across the continent.


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